March Edition- Solar PV Design and Installation Training

Since 2005, Nigeria’s power reforms have focused on privatizing the generation and distribution assets and encourage private investment within the nation’s power sector, but this has not been able to resolve much of the problems bedeviling the sector. New and promising reforms have been introduced by the government within the energy space over the years in a bid to find lasting solutions to the electricity issues.

Only recently, the Electricity Act was enacted in year 2023 repealing the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005 (EPSRA).  The Act was further amended in February 2024. This law introduced remarkable legal milestones achievement in the Nigerian Electric Supply Industry (NESI) which now allows states of the federation to establish their electricity markets within their respective states. The Electricity Act enacts policies towards propelling the NESI into the post-privatization phase while providing a framework for energy transition amongst others. The Act creates a framework at national level for the de-centralization and de-monopolization of the nation’s electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, and further empowers states, companies and individuals authorizing them to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. This means state government, local government, private individuals or organizations can delve into the energy market in the country.

Another reform introduced by the Act is the potential of attracting private investors into the electricity space in Nigeria paving way for recourse to clean and renewable energy solutions thereby unlocking new initiatives. Providing clean and sustainable energy solutions using renewable energy technologies (RETs) is one of the functional activities of the Community Research and Development Centre. The organization recently hosted a training for aspiring solar technicians. both males and females.

The training which was held in March 2024 provided training on solar PV design and installation.


Below are picture excerpts from the training.

Some participants at the training

Some participants at the training

Solar PV Installation Training

Solar PV Design and Installation Training

Solar PV Design Training







The Solar PV Design and Installation training is an activity embarked upon periodically by CREDC in line with its strategic plan of raising awareness on clean and sustainable energy solutions and creating opportunities for aspiring installers to be trained.