Umon Island Solar Mini Grid Project: First Mission Report to Umon Island

Umon Island is located in Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State, Southern Nigeria. The Community is surrounded by the waters of River Cross. Since the Community is surrounded by water, there is no access road connecting the other part the state to Umon Island. The Community is not connected to the national electricity grid and going by the economies of grid connected electricity, Umon Island may not be a viable location for grid generated electricity in the coming decades. For this reason, the Nigeria Energy Support Programme (NESP) in partnership with CREDC is embarking on the development of a solar mini grid project in Umon Island. CREDC is expected to carry out some preliminary activities to prepare the inhabitants ahead of the inauguration of the Solar Mini Grid Facility (SMGF).

In order to begin the implementation of the preliminary activities in Umon Island, a Team from the CREDC made the first visit to Umon Island from the 27th to 30th March 2017. The objective of this first visit was: to familiarize with the leadership of the Umon Island and discuss the implementation of the preliminary activities with the community leaders; set up the Village Power Committee (VPC) that will work with CREDC in the operation of the SMGF; gather the information to carry out the end-users’ load assessment study; discuss the signing of the community-operator Memorandum of Understanding (MoU); and discuss other operation activities with the community leadership


Mission Report to Umon Island