Water Quality Analysis and Impact of Impoundment on Ikpoba River, Edo State, Southern Nigeria

Rivers are well known for their contribution to civilization. Many communities of the world have relied on their enormous resources as means of their livelihood. Rivers are the major source of fresh water to man amid other resources. In ancient times, most urban settlements have developed around waterways which served as transport media, water sources and food sources. Man’s economic and technological advancement have been at loggerheads with these resources. Untreated wastes pose serious threat to associated environment especially the aquatic environment subsequently posing serious threat to human health and riparian livelihood. Commonly cited effects of industrial effluents on aquatic environments are high turbidity, reduced transparency, increased suspended solids and oxygen depletion. The research project reported on some water quality parameters of Ikpoba River in Edo State of Southern. It suggested feasible institutional and legislative measures to protect the endangered river.

Report on monitoring of Ikpoba River