Enhancing the Effective Management of Osasimwinoba Forest Reserve by Community Women

In 2012, CREDC with the support of the Commonwealth Foundation implemented the Project – Enhancing the Effective management of Osasimwinoba Forest Reserve by Community Women. This project was in line with CREDC’s commitment in ensuring that people have access to safe and healthy environment and that environmental resources are managed in the most sustainable way. The project was implemented to create awareness on the negative environmental consequences of lumbering activities and indiscriminate felling of trees in Osasimwinoba Community and to build the capacity of local community women to effectively participate in the management of their forest reserve. Women from the community were trained on how to effectively manage their forest reserve since women in the rural areas in Nigeria are more linked with natural resources than the men. Their traditional gender roles bring them in daily contact with natural resources such as land, water, forest and wildlife. When these resources are exploited and ruined, women suffer most. If these natural resources are used in a sustainable way, women will benefit most.

REPORT on Osasimwionba workshop